About Kyojin Books

We're delighted to launch Kyojin Books with our first fantasy novel called 'A Giant's Dream', part of the Fay Folk Series. Through original content we hope to further share Irish culture but at the same time raise much needed funding to help grow Kyojin no Stewhouse, our core business.

Whether you like a good Celtic Fantasy or even if you just feel that Kyojin no Stewhouse has been honest in our endeavors to share Irish culture here in Japan and would like to support us, than please buy the book. The English version is now available for paperback & ebook on Amazon, with Japanese to follow early next year.

私の初のファンタジー小説「GIANTS DREAM(巨人の夢)」を本日発表いたします。独自のコンテンツを通して、アイルランドの文化をお伝えし楽しんでいただくと同時に、この本の売上は巨人のシチューハウス事業成長のために必要な資金となります。




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About A Giant's Dream

For the longest time now, Ena would regularly enter Fionn's dreams and play his bodhran drum so the Giant couldn't sleep. He is compelled to do so, despite drawing the legendary Giant's fury. 

As Fionn seeks revenge, events spiral out of Ena's control, endangering all those around him. Now thrust into a hopeless quest for redemption, it's uncertain during this age of myths and magic if they'll survive whats to come.

A Giant's Dream is a fast-paced fantasy and part of the Fay Folk Series, published by Kyojin Books. This is a fund raising initiative by the Author in the hope of raising money to help expand his business (www.kyojin-stewhouse.com) and mission of sharing Irish Culture in Japan.